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Pharma Delegatesは毎月第3週の水曜日12時から東京アメリカンクラブにて月例会を行います。講演者として、厚生労働省などの官公庁、国内外の医薬品・ヘルスケア産業のリーダー、サイエンスや技術の専門家、医薬品企業のR&Dマネジメント、医師、病院薬剤師、医薬品卸、CRO専門家、大学教授、人事関連の専門家、市場調査、医薬品業界アナリスト、エコノミスト、ベンチャー起業家等バラエティに富んだ方々にご講演をいただいております。 前年度の活動については下記リストをご参照ください。

月日 タイトルと講演者
2021 15 Sep.

Mr. Jesper Koll, leading economist and commentator, and advisor to the
Japanese government Politics,
Policies and Opportunities: Japan
Outlook Beyond the Upcoming 2021 Elections

2021 20 Oct. Mr. Osamu Okuda, President & CEO of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
“Business Strategy for Enhancing Social
2021 17 Nov.

Dr. Maha Katabi, a Sofinnova
General Partner (On behalf of Dr. Jim Healy, Managing
Partner at Sofinnova Investments, from California)
“Sofinnova Investments”

2021 8 Dec. Ms, Harumi Kachi, Executive Director, Hands-on-Tokyo
Ms. Aya Higa, Board of Directors,Hands-On-Tokyo
“How you can give back to the society”
2022 19 Jan.

Prof. Keiichi Fukuda, CEO, HeartSeed Inc.
“The goal of academic startups and the
path they should take”

2022 16 Feb. Mr. Alan Thomas, Director, Thought Leadership, IQVIA Solutions Japan K.K
“2022 IQVIA Japan - Japan Pharmaceutical Market Review and Outlook to
2026 as we Emerge from COVID-19”
2022 16 Mar.

Mr. Ken Suzuki, Chairman of Vital KSK Holdings,
Inc and Chairman of The Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association
"The Environment Surrounding Pharmaceutical Wholesalers"

2022 20 Apr. Mr. Tetsuya. Majima, Manager, International Strategy Promotion Department,
Coastal Area International Strategy Headquarters, Kawasaki City
Mr. Mitsuru Miyata, CEO, Miyata Institute of Technologies
“Biotech Research and Business Development in Japan: Current Situation and
2022 20 May.

Prof. Katsuya Iijima, PhD, Institute for Future Initiatives, Tokyo University

Prof. Minoru Yamada, PhD, Graduate School of Comprehensive  Human Sciences, Tsukuba University

Ms. Mami Okazaki, Public Health Nurse, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo

Ms. Nami Uchiyama, Kewpie Corp.

・Frailty in a Rapidly Aging Society - Physical, Mental and Social
Implications, and Preventative Countermeasures

・「人生100年時代を元気で乗り切るために -健康長寿 鍵は“フレイル予防”-」
“To achieve healthy ageing and well-being in the 100-year life era:
Multi-faceted action

research of ''Frailty prevention‘’
・ “Management of frailty during COVID-19 pandemic”
・「コロナ禍における豊島区のフレイル予防」“Frailty prevention in Toshima
City during COVID”
・食を起点とするフレイル予防産業の創生に向けて」“Towards the creation of a
frailty prevention
industry with food as a starting point/base”